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Whether you’re an avid winter sport enthusiast or just trying to keep yourself warm and protected,the winter elements require you to be heavily gear-dependent. Most ski apparel such as jackets and pants are rated from 5,000mm to 30,000mm plus. The variables are based on material,breathability,waterproofing,insulation and weather conditions.

WATERPROOFING (mm’s)- Determines how quickly a jacket and pant will become saturated and allow water to permeate the jacket/pant or it’s ability to keep you dry in wet conditions.

BREATHABILITY (gram’s)- Measures how effective a jacket is at transferring water vapor or sweat out of the jacket. Remember it’s easier to outfit the upper body because you can add or remove clothing layers as necessary.

SEAMS- Critically taped seams refers to the fact that only some of the seams most commonly around the neck and shoulders are taped and protect against moisture penetration. Fully taped seams have all of the stitched seams taped for additional waterproofing with a waterproof tape that is glued on the interior and exterior of the seam. This protects areas that are prone to having moisture seep in.

GLOVES- Can wear quickly due to all of the constant contact they come into. It is best to purchase one high-quality pair that lasts than several cheap pairs that fall apart during the season. Look for gloves that are reinforced in contact areas such as the palms and thumbs.

SOCKS- Most of your body heat is lost through your extremities. Natural wool and polyester will keep your feet warmer and drier than cotton which absorbs and holds onto moisture. Sock thickness doesn’t automatically translate into warmth.

BASELAYER- Should be made of a synthetic material which helps keep moisture away from your body. Remember, cotton absorbs moisture therefore any apparel made from cotton should NOT be your first layer. When you perspire cotton becomes wet resulting in lower body temps and a miserable day of skiing.

Hood Types- Fixed or Removable
Venting- used to regulate your temperature
Wrist & Boot Gaiters, Powder Skirts- used to keep snow and cold out of your apparel by creating a seal.

Purchasing your apparel at a specialty shop allows us to help you choose the right equipment that fits every need and detail to make your winter a warm, protected, fun adventure.

- Fran Gould
Alpine Ski & Sports